It’s not a matter of if your hard drive will fail… it’s just when your hard drive will fail.

I have been lucky enough to purchase a Drobo to backup our photos and movies from our iMac and it works wonderfully well.  Read all about it here. However my laptop has been using a single external hard drive to back up which just died… unfortunatley I had some data on there that was not on my laptop drive so it is bye bye to that.  (Nothing to critical).  So I started thinking should I purcahse yet another backup drive or should I check out some fo the online services now that I have 50Gb per month with Bigpond to burn up.

I narrowed it down to Mozy and Carbonite quite quickly.  I have used Mozy before (few years ago) at it worked quite well.  This time I have chosen to go with Carbonite and I am very happy with it.  No credit card to sign up, no limit to the size you can backup and simple to use.   Why not give it a try.  You just point it to the files you want it to back up and click go.

I once heard the backup idea of 3,2,1.  3 copies of everything on 2 different media (DVD, harddirve etc) and 1 offsite.  Not a bad rule to live by.  I think adding the addition of… it must be automatic.  If its not you probably wont get around to doing it in which case why even have a backup plan.

Online Backup: Easy, Complete Automatic. Secure. Carbonite

Click on the banner to try Carbonite out today.  Go on you know you should.