• Drobo

    First thing I hear you say… what the hell is a Drobo.

    Well that’s what my wife said anyway when I told her she needed one.  Cough cough splutter.

    So here’s the deal.  I have purchased many devices over the years to backup.  Yes we all know we should do it but the reality is most of us never get around to or when we do it’s out of date etc.

    Over the years I can remember backing up to a 5 1/4″ floppy on a commodore 64, onto a 1.4Mb 3 1/2 inch, onto a zip disk, onto CD, onto DVD onto dual layer DVD, onto internal and external hard drives.  Throughout this process one thing was constant.  Every time I said to my self… this will be big enough.  Yeah right.  It’s never big enough.  So thats where Drobo comes in.

    Rather than me waffling on watch the video.  Then keep reading.

    So as you can see if the theory holds correct it “should” grow with you.  I have mine (correction wifes) now formated to think it is 16Tb but I only have 2 x 1Tb drives in it.  I have it hooked up to the Imac via firewire.  I then reconfigured iPhoto, iMovie to directly save to Drobo.  Finally I put a time machine drobo program on it which enabled me to partition a bit of drobo.  So now if it’s all working correctly photos and movies (the biggest drive hogs) get saved directly to drobo and saved on 2 drives.  This frees up the internal mac drive for just core programs and all other documents etc.  They then get auto backed up via time machine (Mac Backup program) to drobo.

    When it starts filling up I just buy another drive (probably a 2Tb by then).  Slap it in and hey presto.

    I really think this thing is a game changer.  It was way easier than setting up any other backup device ever.  It can grow with me.  It looks cool.  Hey what more do you want.

    If you live in Australia and you want one.  Contact me as a I have friend who brings them back from the US each month on the cheap.  If you live anywhere else click on the image below.
    Data Robotics Drobo 4-Bay USB 2.0/FireWire 800 SATA Storage Array DR04DD10

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  • Skype on TV’s

    I am a big skype user and fan. I moved from messenger a few years ago now.

    Check out the details and comments of skype on your TV here

  • TiVo

    Tivo – If you don’t have one you are missing out.

    We got one of these when they were first released in Australia after I had been following them in the US for some time.

    Why I think they are great?

    1. Very high WAF (wife acceptance factor) .  This is really important.
    2. Expanding functionality.  Because it is internet connected it just keeps getting better as they roll our more new features like Blockbuster on demand movies etc.
    3. Seasons pass.  This is probably the bit that really matters.  Basically we have enough good content on free to air TV and if you can capture the bits you want you will never be short of something to watch.  We have seasons passes setup for things like.  Record the news every night and only keep 1 days worth (what is the likelyhood of watching 2 day old news).  Record Top Gear every week regardless of timeslot of channel it is on and keep 2 of them (sometimes takes me a while to get to it).  Record and keep 3 episodes of Play School (Maya), Thomas (Jay) and Little Princess (Charli).  I think you get the idea.

    Before I owned a TiVo I tried an AppleTV box.  It was good but a low WAF factor killed it.

    In Australia TiVo’s are sold via the big retailers like Harvey Norman, Good Guys, JB etc.  Elsewhere click on the image below.

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  • Mineral Makeup

    Visible Effects Mineral MakupI have been spending most of my Christmas break setting up a new site to promote and sell Natural Mineral Makeup. The new site is now live but still has a lot of work to go.    Have a look at The product “Visible Effects” is manufactured in Australia and is very good quality.

  • E-Commerce made easy… finally

    Recently I had the need to set up a dedicated e-commerce site for a new business venture called CleanCarve.  This site is dedicated to selling ski and snowboard tuning tools on a global basis.   Not being the most technical tool in the shed I needed something that looked good and was easy to use.  After several false starts with e-junkie and a few others I found Big Commerce.  An Aussie company that has built some kick ass e-commerce software.  So if you find this post via a search be sure to check it out.

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