• The marshmallow challenge

    I really like the lessons in this talk.

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  • Apple iOS to update over the air (OTA)



    If this article/rumour is in fact true this will be a fantastic addition to the iOS platform.  As enterprise customers continue to roll out iOS devices driven by the consumerisation of technology this change will be very very welcome.

    I am in 2 minds about if this is true or not as it will be a major underlying code change for Apple to do this.  Currently Apple ship the whole OS for each patch rather than just cumulative updates like many software vendors (Microsoft, Adobe etc.) to add new features and fix bugs.  This is the same on OSX.  From a programming point of view this keeps it all pretty clean (no patches ontop of patches etc.) but from a consumer point of view you need to download big lumps anytime something changes.  Take the ios 4.3.3 update last week as an example.  Over 600Mb to change a few tracking setting that probably represented less than 1Mb in code changes.  Big lumps might be ok for a wired world (why Apple makes you connect to iTunes to do it) but in a wireless world this is not really achievable yet.

    I hope they do make this change to help support many hundreds or thousands of iOS devices in an enterprise deployments and to keep them up to date without having to come back to base.  Does this mean they will also change the way OSX updates?

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  • Windows Phone 7 vs iPhone4 vs Andriod

    Love this video

  • Dropbox Vs SugarSync

    I have been a big fan and user of Dropbox for a couple of years now and with their refer a friend get some extra storage I have 1 account up to 4Gb of storage and another up to 3Gb from the standard 2Gb issue.

    Just this week however a friend of mine sent me a link to some rather large files via a service called SugarSync.  I had not heard of SugarSync before but upon investigation and now use (needed to download the files) it appears to be a lot like Dropbox but with 5Gb of free storage (recent change) and some other nice Sugar Sync features like sync any file whereas Dropbox makes you create the files in the Dropbox folder.  Let me know in the comments which one you use and why.  Now the big question is do I change all my friend and family over to Sugar Sync or wait for Dropbox to catchup?

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  • Customer Cradle

    Google Analytics for the rest of your business.

    I frequently listen to a podcast on my iPhone called This week in StartUp.  A few weeks back while I was out for a run when an Aussie happen to hit the airwaves with a product pitch for a thing called Customer Cradle.    The pitch was on the money and in 1 minute Sam (Customer Cradle founder) had me thinking… this is a great fit for some of my many friends and business acquaintances I have formed over the past few years that I have taken on a journey through IT.

    In a nut shell it does what Google Analytics does for your website for the rest of your business.  ie:  It gives you meaningful data that you can measure success (or failure) against.  How many businesses out there have no real idea how effective their marketing is.  Did they get a response from the newspaper, the flyer drop, the radio ad or did they just trip over and fall in the front door.  Most businesses just simply guess.  Some try to use complicated customer relationship managment software (CRM) solutions.

    Customer Cradle just keeps it simple.  You either use it via the website or via a little application that sits in your system tray (the bit at the bottom right on your screen).  Customer walks in and during your conversation you simply ask a couple of questions.  How did you hear about us etc.  You then click a few check boxes and your done.  The simplistic nature of the product is it’s big advantage.  Let’s face it if your staff don’t use it you will get no data.  Click on the image at the top, wander over and have a look at the demo for yourself and sign up for a free trial.

  • I have an iPhone 4

    I finally bit the bullet and updated from iPhone 3G to iPhone 4.

    This was not an easy decision as Andriod is coming around the outside fast and is looking like the eventual winner in the smartphone race.  (They are already selling more units than Apple now)  In the end my decision was around a few factors.

    1. Maturity – I think Andriod is still a little immature.  (I do think from fro yo 2.2 or more so gingerbread 3.0 this will not be an issue)
    2. Eco system – I have a iPhone cable in my car for charging, an iPhone dock for music, my wife has an iPhone and we share apps.
    3. Choices on Optus – The only really decent handset on Optus in the Andriod camp is the Samsung Galaxy S.  Its not bad but its certainly not up to the iPhone 4 build quality.  Swype is however most excellent.

    All in all its really not a big dicision as I only keep my phone for 2 years anyway.  I think the next phone will be yet again an interesting choice with Windows phone 7 reaching maturity and in the mix.  Exciting times ahead.

    So far I am happy with the iPhone 4.  The overhyped death grip really does not do much.  The screen is absolutely fantastic.  The speed is how it should be and is a big improvement over the 3G running iOS 4.0.2 which is a pig (said to be getting fixed in iOS 4.1.

    The best part is… I sold my 16Gb Black iPhone 3G (not 3GS) for $520 on eBay.  Absolutely amazed someone would pay this much.

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  • Firefox 4 puts a new spin on tabs

    I have been a user of Firefox on and off for many years.  I gave up on it earlier this year when it just got too slow and switched over to chrome which I have been very happy with.  However being fickle this new tabs feature might just swing me back to firefox again.   Let me know what you think.

    An Introduction to Firefox’s Tab Candy from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

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  • iPhone 4 gets 900MHz HSDPA

    Well a few months back I predicted what the iPhone would look like.  (Yes before the lost iPhone). I am happy to say I got it about 90% right with the happy exceptions of the battery being better and the size, with it being thinner.

    All in all I think the iPhone 4 is probably good enough for me to stay with the Apple camp for another 2 years rather than hopping on the Andriod bandwagon just yet.  Now its time to wait and see what Optus are going to offer it for.

    Another very nice suprise is the inclusion of the 900MHz HSDPA radio frequency.  Optus have been investing heavily in 900MHz and especially in regional areas so this will suit me to a tee.  If the iPhone 4 did not have the 900MHz in it I was going to seriously consider jumping ship.

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  • Carbonite Online Backup

    It’s not a matter of if your hard drive will fail… it’s just when your hard drive will fail.

    I have been lucky enough to purchase a Drobo to backup our photos and movies from our iMac and it works wonderfully well.  Read all about it here. However my laptop has been using a single external hard drive to back up which just died… unfortunatley I had some data on there that was not on my laptop drive so it is bye bye to that.  (Nothing to critical).  So I started thinking should I purcahse yet another backup drive or should I check out some fo the online services now that I have 50Gb per month with Bigpond to burn up.

    I narrowed it down to Mozy and Carbonite quite quickly.  I have used Mozy before (few years ago) at it worked quite well.  This time I have chosen to go with Carbonite and I am very happy with it.  No credit card to sign up, no limit to the size you can backup and simple to use.   Why not give it a try.  You just point it to the files you want it to back up and click go.

    I once heard the backup idea of 3,2,1.  3 copies of everything on 2 different media (DVD, harddirve etc) and 1 offsite.  Not a bad rule to live by.  I think adding the addition of… it must be automatic.  If its not you probably wont get around to doing it in which case why even have a backup plan.

    Online Backup: Easy, Complete Automatic. Secure. Carbonite

    Click on the banner to try Carbonite out today.  Go on you know you should.

  • Triathlon Coaching

    I have been known to participate in a few triathlons from time to time.  (Most of them before the kids came along) They are great fun once you get into it.  James Cousins a good mate of mine from my skiing days has just launched a new triathlon coaching site which I helped him setup.  So if you are in need of some coaching in the real sense and you are lucky enough to live in Brisbane look him up but if you don’t he also offers virtual training via the site.

    James has competed in the Hawaii Ironman… for those that don’t know…its bloody tough.

    I developed this site using word press which is what the site you are looking at runs on.