As you would expect I grabbed an iPhone 5 on launch day so I have now had it for the best part of a week and here is what I have found.

Bigger Screen

The extra screen realestate is excellent.  Noticably you do feel you need to stretch to get the top or bottom corner of the screen with your thumb.  I would agree that anything bigger than this would become a 2 hand task.  I have really noticed the extra length when the keyboard is active.  ie: composing an new email you now have a lot more email context once you take out the header and keyboard space requirement.   (Can’t wait for a lot more apps to update to make use of this extra space)  The other noticable difference is watching youtube videos in full wide screen.  they just look great.


The speed.  Telstra have done a great job with 4G and I was pleasantly surprised to see full 4G coverage while out to dinner in Sunshine Beach last night.  Even on 3G the speed bump is noticeable due to the dual channel HSDPA.


I managed to get out for my first Run with my iPhone 5 on my arm (1/2 stuffed into an iPhone 4 armband)  Reducing the weight by 20% is very noficable.  The headphones are OK but nothing revolutionary.


Everything else is just an incremental software update that you get with iOS 6.  I did however notice that Siri is significantly faster which could be due to a better software release or also to do with the faster A6 process combined with 4G connectivity.


The new lightening connector is nice and I think will work much better than the older 30 pin connector over time.  For now the biggest pain is no 3rd party connectors to covert it to 30 pin so I can listen to my podcasts in the car on the way to work.  I have been using my headphones… which sucks.  There are a lot of them on eBay right now but none that are shipping.  I think we will just have to wait a couple of weeks as there is no way I will be forking out $35 to apple for one.


All in all it is as you would expect a 5 star device.