This week saw the release of the iphone 4.0 operating system to developers.  The next step is the new iPhone hardware to go with it.  While there is much specualtion to go around below is what I think we will see.

  1. Front facing camera for video calls.  (It has been reported that the 4.0 OS has some refrences to dual cameras which firms up this one)
  2. 5 Mega pixel camera on the back.  The 3G had a 1.3 and the 3GS a 3.2 so a 5 is not to far out of the question.  Apple will never go to the bleeding edge (8-10) because it would effect the bottom line profitabily to much.
  3. Faster processor.  1Ghz.  Most likely the same A4 as used in the iPad.  The nexus one and several other phones already have 1Ghz processors (snapdragon) in them so this would be logical.
  4. More ram.  The last 2 revisions have seen the ram double so I see no reason this will not happen again.
  5. Same size.  Unfortunatley I would love to speculate on it being smaller or thinner but I doubt it.
  6. Higher screen resolution.  Most likely will be an increase to 800 to match the nexus one.

Remaining the same will be the battery life (unfortunatley) the size (unfortunatley) and the single button (unfortunatley)

So the big question is… do I stay with iPhone or make the jump to Andriod or Windows Phone 7?

What do you think?