I finally bit the bullet and updated from iPhone 3G to iPhone 4.

This was not an easy decision as Andriod is coming around the outside fast and is looking like the eventual winner in the smartphone race.  (They are already selling more units than Apple now)  In the end my decision was around a few factors.

  1. Maturity – I think Andriod is still a little immature.  (I do think from fro yo 2.2 or more so gingerbread 3.0 this will not be an issue)
  2. Eco system – I have a iPhone cable in my car for charging, an iPhone dock for music, my wife has an iPhone and we share apps.
  3. Choices on Optus – The only really decent handset on Optus in the Andriod camp is the Samsung Galaxy S.  Its not bad but its certainly not up to the iPhone 4 build quality.  Swype is however most excellent.

All in all its really not a big dicision as I only keep my phone for 2 years anyway.  I think the next phone will be yet again an interesting choice with Windows phone 7 reaching maturity and in the mix.  Exciting times ahead.

So far I am happy with the iPhone 4.  The overhyped death grip really does not do much.  The screen is absolutely fantastic.  The speed is how it should be and is a big improvement over the 3G running iOS 4.0.2 which is a pig (said to be getting fixed in iOS 4.1.

The best part is… I sold my 16Gb Black iPhone 3G (not 3GS) for $520 on eBay.  Absolutely amazed someone would pay this much.