Google Analytics for the rest of your business.

I frequently listen to a podcast on my iPhone called This week in StartUp.  A few weeks back while I was out for a run when an Aussie happen to hit the airwaves with a product pitch for a thing called Customer Cradle.    The pitch was on the money and in 1 minute Sam (Customer Cradle founder) had me thinking… this is a great fit for some of my many friends and business acquaintances I have formed over the past few years that I have taken on a journey through IT.

In a nut shell it does what Google Analytics does for your website for the rest of your business.  ie:  It gives you meaningful data that you can measure success (or failure) against.  How many businesses out there have no real idea how effective their marketing is.  Did they get a response from the newspaper, the flyer drop, the radio ad or did they just trip over and fall in the front door.  Most businesses just simply guess.  Some try to use complicated customer relationship managment software (CRM) solutions.

Customer Cradle just keeps it simple.  You either use it via the website or via a little application that sits in your system tray (the bit at the bottom right on your screen).  Customer walks in and during your conversation you simply ask a couple of questions.  How did you hear about us etc.  You then click a few check boxes and your done.  The simplistic nature of the product is it’s big advantage.  Let’s face it if your staff don’t use it you will get no data.  Click on the image at the top, wander over and have a look at the demo for yourself and sign up for a free trial.