If this article/rumour is in fact true this will be a fantastic addition to the iOS platform.  As enterprise customers continue to roll out iOS devices driven by the consumerisation of technology this change will be very very welcome.

I am in 2 minds about if this is true or not as it will be a major underlying code change for Apple to do this.  Currently Apple ship the whole OS for each patch rather than just cumulative updates like many software vendors (Microsoft, Adobe etc.) to add new features and fix bugs.  This is the same on OSX.  From a programming point of view this keeps it all pretty clean (no patches ontop of patches etc.) but from a consumer point of view you need to download big lumps anytime something changes.  Take the ios 4.3.3 update last week as an example.  Over 600Mb to change a few tracking setting that probably represented less than 1Mb in code changes.  Big lumps might be ok for a wired world (why Apple makes you connect to iTunes to do it) but in a wireless world this is not really achievable yet.

I hope they do make this change to help support many hundreds or thousands of iOS devices in an enterprise deployments and to keep them up to date without having to come back to base.  Does this mean they will also change the way OSX updates?

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